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CBC reports directly to clients throughout, providing just one point of contact.  CBC is experienced in charting a course from the outset, enabling cost-effective and timely outcomes.

CBC provides the resources any developer might require, from the appointment of initial consultants and input into concept designs, to management of the regulatory process, the tender programme and turnkey fitouts. We manage, drive and lead projects through devising strategies for best outcomes, taking full care and consideration as if we are ‘standing in the owner’s shoes’.

The company brings together highly experienced development directors and experienced and knowledgeable project teams based in ACT and NSW regions which are currently involved in a wide range of successful multi-million-dollar projects.

CBC is an industry leader in the provision of high quality project management services, providing these services to the construction and infrastructure industries. Whether requiring specialist short-term resources or management of the total project, CBC provides a broad range of services.

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