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Expert Witness Reports

Construction Expert Witnesses are essential members of mediation and litigation process. We work with a range of clients, plaintiffs and defendants, to facilitate objective, expert reporting and testimony. That includes construction accidents, construction defects, construction schedule disruption delays, product defects, and standard of care.

Whether your a Home Owner, Construction Professional or Solicitor and find yourself need of an construction expert witness statement for the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) or court situations, Capital Building Consultants can offer leading reports to best help your case.

We have provided many expert witness reports from  newly constructed homes to smaller patios and decks. We are completely guided by the expert code of conduct and have years of experience which gives the best possible report for your situation.

Our expert witness report will include:

  • Defect Report, with all the relevant defects  you are concerned with and others we sight at the time of inspection

  • Expert Witness Report, this will summarize A/NZ Standards that have been consequentially breached as well as unacceptable 2017 NSW standards and tolerances.

  • Scott Schedule, costings as a result of defects is produced on your behalf for for the Tribunal or Courts.

We have worked hard for many people on all sorts of tribunal claims and court claims. Capital building consultants save our clients time and the headaches associated with litigation, if we can assist please contact with us immediately. We offer a private no obligation consultation over the phone to see how we can help.

 We cover many areas  including Canberra, Yass, Goulburn, Wollongong, Sydney, South Coast and everywhere in between. Feel free to get in contact with  us today.
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